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What’s New in Fascial Anatomy

What’s New in Fascial Anatomy By Julie Ann Day At the 2012 Fascia Research Congress in Vancouver, physiatrist, Dr. Antonio Stecco, and physiotherapist, Julie Ann Day are teaming up to present a full day, post conference workshop entitled “Fascial Manipulation and its Biomechanical Model”. Furthermore, Dr. Carla Stecco, orthopaedic surgeon and anatomy researcher, is an invited […]

Fascial Unwinding Cancels Torsional Forces

Fascial Unwinding Cancels Torsional Forces By Dorothea Blostein  Over the past two years I have undergone a difficult process of large-scale fascial unwinding.  In this article I describe my personal impression of the mechanics and forces in fascial unwinding.  My impressions have been shaped by treatments provided by four manual therapists (who are not to […]

Fascia Science Made Simple

Fascia Science Made Simple — and Applicable to your PracticeBy Bethany Ward  Readers of the Terra Rosa E-Magazine are well acquainted with Rolfers and their love affair with connective tissue. In recent years, we’ve gotten really excited as serious scientists and academics have caught our enthusiasm for the stuff. Every three years, clinicians like you […]

Chronic Hamstring Strain & the Pelvis

Chronic Hamstring Strain & the Pelvis  By Stephanie Panayi  Introduction Perhaps the most prevalent injury in Australian Rules Football, hamstring strain can be a major problem for elite athletes. Because of the attachment of biceps femoris into the ischial tuberosity and sacrum via the sacrotuberous ligament, the biomechanics of the sacroiliac joint and hip, along […]

Cupping Research

Latest Research on Cupping  by Romy Lauche   History Cupping therapy is probably one of the earliest medical techniques used by mankind. First evidence of its use dates back to 3300 BC. Nowadays cupping is mainly used in Asia and in Arab societies; its use in Europe is very limited. But practitioners and researchers show […]

Fascial Fitness, Sydney 2013

The Fascial Fitness Introductory course was held in Sydney 15-16 January 2013 at the Coronation Hall in Newtown in Sydney, hosted by Terra Rosa. Divo Muller, flew all the way from Munich, Germany to teach in Australia. There were 38 participants come from all over Australia with different background: manual therapists, structural integrators, movement therapists, […]