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A working experience with CORE Myofascial Therapy

(Photo (c) by Patty Kousaleos) A working experience with CORE Myofascial Therapy by Taso Lambridis CORE Myofascial Therapy was developed by George Kousaleos, a highly experienced Structural Integration Therapist based in Florida, USA who also has a major role with the Athletic Program at Florida State University. George developed the Sports Massage team for the […]

Review "The Original Body"

John Stirk’s book The Original Body has attracted a highly appreciative review from Anodea Judith PhD, yoga teacher, and Leigh Blashki, Past President, Yoga Australia. Anodea Judith, PhD: ‘If yoga is the poetry of the body, this book is sheer poetry about the practice of doing yoga. It says it’s for yoga teachers, but really anyone who […]

Terra Rosa E-magazine, No. 18

View Online or Download it here Issue no. 18, Contents Controversy on Iliotibial Band Sydnrome There is a view that ITB cannot be stretched and current treatment strategies are outdated, we dissect the evidence-based study abd asked experts on their opinions and treatment options. Contributions from: Whitney Lowe, Joe Muscolino, Til Luchau, Robert Baker & Art Riggs […]

Thai Massage

Thai Massage by Richard Gold How It Started In Thailand, what is known in the Western world as Thai massage is known as Nuad Bo’Rarn. Nuad is a Thai word that translates as, “to touch with the intention of imparting healing.” Bo’Rarn is a word derived from ancient Sanskrit; it translates as, “something which is […]

Easy Assessment for Massage Therapist

Easy Assessment for Massage Therapist By Sean Riehl, LMT Only a small fraction of massage therapists use any assessment testing in their practice. Although most massage training includes some type of kinesiology and assessment tests, therapists quickly forget this information and rely only on their touch. Touch is powerful, and because of this, most therapists don’t find […]