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Issue #21, August 2018, View Online Here, Or Download it here

Fascia and the Mind-Body Connection —David Lesondak
Fascial Net Plastination Project – January, 2018 —Francesca Philip
There is a Third Layer of the ITB
Fascial tissue research in sports medicine
“Oh Baby – now that’s a scar!” Scar Release & C-sections —Marjorie Brook, LMT
Can We Give Precisely Define Deep Tissue Massage?
Michael Phelps’ Forward Head Posture and Swimmer’s Shoulder
Thoracic Hyperkyphosis – The Critical Component of Upper Crossed Syndrome— Joe Muscolino
A Cient-Centered Model of Manual Care— Walt Fritz
Frozen Shoulder: The role of muscle guarding
Response from Clinical Anatomist John Sharkey
Fascial Manipulation® – Stecco® method: The practitioner’s perspective— Julie Ann Day
The Value of Confidence -Til Luchau
Altered patterns of pelvic bone motion determined in subjects with posterior pelvic pain
The Efficacy of Vibrating Rollers
Research Highlights


Issue #20, June 2017,
View Online Here, Or Download it here

Fascia as a Sensory Organ: Clinical Applications —Robert Schleip
Fascial Unwinding —Paulo Tozzi
Working with the Sternocleidomastoid—Til Luchau
Principles of Fascia Training —Robert Schleip
All Parts are Equal, or are they??—Marjorie Brook
Can we alter the Thoracolumbar Fascia? — Jeff Tan
To Flex or Extend? — Joe Muscolino
Research: Are we asking the wrong questions in the wrong way? — Jenny Richardson
Systemic inflammation and neuroinflammation in fibromyalgia patients
Research Highlights
Six Questions to Marjorie Brook
A Chat with Eve Pereeda