Fascial Fitness, Sydney 2013


The Fascial Fitness Introductory course was held in Sydney 15-16 January 2013 at the Coronation Hall in Newtown in Sydney, hosted by Terra Rosa.

Divo Muller, flew all the way from Munich, Germany to teach in Australia. There were 38 participants come from all over Australia with different background: manual therapists, structural integrators, movement therapists, yoga and pilates teacher, personal and fitness trainers.
The first day starts with the lecture on the Rediscovery of fascia in science. Then Divo guide us through Fascial Fitness workout, from easy bounces and gentle jumps to the high energy elastic jumps. What a great start! Then Divo explains the Elastic storage property, and why we need those bounces and jumps. Then Divo demonstrated the Flying Sword exercise to make use of the catapult effect. She continued explaining the theory behind myofascial force transmission & bio-tensegrity. How to make use of the myofascial long chain and do a power stretch.
The second day starts with a tele-lecture with Robert Schleip ‘live’ from Munich. Robert explained the psycho-endocrine effects of tensegral movements and the latest in fascia research. We now know that we need to rehydrate the connective tissue to regain the flexible, elastic fibre structure like a tiger body. One way is to use the foam roller. Divo let us play on the playground, demonstrating how fascial exercises can be fun!
Finally, Divo stressed the importance of fascia as a sensory organ and how we can use refinement of movement to increase body awareness.
The 2 days were filled with theory and practice. All participants were amazed with the deep scientific knowledge of Divo and linking research into practice. They are all impressed with “the mixture of good practical with excellent theory presentation
From the class evaluation, 99% of the participants rated ‘Excellent’ to ‘Very Good’ for the workshop’s experience, instructor, and topics presented.
Comments from participants include “learnt heaps and now fascinated with fascia.”
“ I can incorporate this into my strength and conditioning sessions with my clients
I really enjoyed the course it was full of useful information and Divo was highly energetic lovely lady.”
Great information and great workout that I can apply and can explain to my clients
What a fabulous couple of days – thoroughly enjoyed becoming ‘fascianados’ with the delightful Divo
Sydney is looking forward to having Divo soon for the Trainer’s course.