The Vital Glutes & Psoas with John Gibbons

This course involves working your way through the 12 modules with over 60 individual lessons that comprise the Vital Glutes & Psoas online course; initially, you will read the text (these are PDF chapters taken from my Vital Glutes book), then watch the associated videos and answer the assessment questions.

Everything you need is here, work your way through the course and become confident in your newly acquired skills and anatomical knowledge.

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  • Anatomy video: Gmax
  • Hip extension firing pattern sequence
  • Anatomy video: Gmed
  • Hip abduction firing pattern sequence
  • Malalignment syndrome of the pelvic girdle
  • Gmax & Gmed and their relationship to lower/upper limb pain
  • Hip joint pathologies: labral tear and FAI
  • How the hip joint relates to the gluteal-psoas musculature
  • Knee and ankle anatomy and the link to the glutes
  • Lumbar spine anatomy and the relationship to the glutes
  • Pelvis muscle length tests:  psoas, rectus femoris, adductors and TFL
  • Treatment of hypertonic muscles using specific modalities of MET
  • Disc pathology tests for L4, L5 and S1 nerve root pathology
  • Neurological screening: lower limb reflexes
  • Myotome testing
  • Specific Gmax and Gmed exercises

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