Terra Rosa E-magazine, No. 18

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Issue no. 18, Contents
Controversy on Iliotibial Band Sydnrome
There is a view that ITB cannot be stretched and current treatment strategies are outdated, we dissect the evidence-based study abd asked experts on their opinions and treatment options.
Contributions from: Whitney Lowe, Joe Muscolino, Til Luchau, Robert Baker & Art Riggs
Isometrics for tendon pain – Practical implementation and considerations —  Ebonie Rio, Craig Purdam, Sean Docking & Jill Cook
A recent research has demonstrated a positive effect in patellar tendinopathy  following isometric exercise.  This articles shares a number of practical considerations in implementing it.
An interview with  Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau on his new book
How I treat Trochanteric Bursitis — Tom Ockler, PT
Overpronation— Joe Muscolino
Overselling Overpronation— Jeff Tan
The Hand-L Massage Tool: From Dream to Reality — Bob McAtee, LMT
Myofascial Therapy to achieve Peak Performance in Elite Athletes
A working experience with CORE Myofascial Therapy — Taso Lambridis, MSc
Latest Research Highlights