Terra Rosa E-magazine No. 16

Terra Rosa E-magazine Just Published

  • The shape of nature—Graham Scarr Biotensegrity,
  • A Brief Historical Perspective—John Sharkey BioTensegrity,
  • Powering the fabric of human anatomy— John Sharkey & Joanne Avison
  • The Elastic Body, Introducing Biotensegrity as a model of Elastic Integrity in the moving body—Joanne Avison
  • A randomized clinical trial of Structural Integration as an adjunct to outpatient rehabilitation for chronic low back pain: A summary— Eric Jacobson PhD, MPH
  • The Price of Smart Phones—Joe Muscolino
  • Putting the Maximus Back into Gluteus Maximus— John Gibbons
  • CORE Structural Integration and Myofascial Therapy: A lifetime of improving structure and function— George P. Kousaleos, LMT
  • Bringing Up Baby…. Bodywork grows-up from infancy to adolescent— Art Riggs
  • 6 Questions to John Sharkey
  • 6 Questions to Jo Avison
  • Fascial Fitness Workshop – Kati Cooper