Terra Rosa E-magazine, December 2014, No 15

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Fascial Training for Soccer Players , An interview with Markus Rossman
Interoception—Some Suggestions for Manual and Movement Therapies—Robert Schleip
Report from the 2014 Fascia Summer School— Alison Slater
FFT Case Study: Exposed Leg Fractures—Ron Alexander
Plantar Fasciitis: High loading strength training improves outcome – Michael Rathleff
Comments on Plantar Fasciitis—Joe Muscolino
Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis—Judah Lyons
Comments on Plantar Fasciitis—Art Riggs
Comments on Plantar Fasciitis—Til Luchau
Touch is Everything—Art Riggs
Fascia: A Body wide Organ — Paolo Tozzi
CORE Myofascial Therapy— George Kousaleos
Workshop Report: CORE Myofascial Therapy & CORE Sports and Performance Bodywork
Buds to Blossoms: Bringing Massage to Children in Need – Les May
Research Highlights
6 Questions to Paolo Tozzi
Featured Front Cover: 6 Questions to Jo Phee