Sander Myofascial Release

Sander Myofascial ReleaseBy Cassandra Wang

It began with my client who particularly had a difficult shoulder problem in early 2009. I commented jokingly to my client, who refurbishes old wooden windows, that I needed a sander. As the joke settled, the seed of possibility sprouted. He looked at me in disbelief as a smile dawned across my face. Could a sander provider the heat and friction needed for fascia work? I purchased a small variable-speed craft sander, and rubberized drawer liner (this replaced the sand paper.) At at my client’s next appointment, we were ready.


The therapy involves the use of a quarter sheet sander, drawer liner, cotton handkerchiefs, and silk handkerchiefs. I use Luigi Stecco’s myofascial maps as a guide. For stretching the fascia lines, use the drawer liner (silicon gel pad can also be used) as there is a more traction effect. For gel to sol state therapy, use the cotton as more heat is generated. 30 seconds at a time or until there is increased redness to the skin. For adding qi to the fascia, use the silk as there will be static electricity transfer (in ancient Chinese medicine, it was tradition to massage through silk.) The session fully reduced the thickened tissue to a normal state resulting in the restoration of pain free range of motion. 
Since that time, I have continued to apply the therapy in cases of extreme tissue thickening such as a chronic (8 yr. history) Kyphosis-Lordosis, and a knotted rhomboid (36 yr. history). Also plantar fasciitis responds to it very well. I don’t know why this works from a scientific viewpoint but clients find the therapy comfortable. Suggestions for a name for this therapy are welcome. 
CassandrawangheadshotCassandra Wang has been practising holistic health for 17 years. She practiced at her clinic Body-Psynse in San Diego, CA. Cassandra is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Her postgraduate education includes all major western and resonant modalities. She has been a massage instructor and a presenter at various conferences and seminars. A native of Greensboro, N.C. She has served 13 years as an Electronics technician and Command Fitness Coordinator in the US Navy. While serving, she obtained a BS in Sociology and was awarded Sailor of the Year. Honourably discharged in 1993, Cassandra continues to serve the cause of better health. Her clientele ranges from infants to seniors and those seeking general health improvement to the terminally ill. Cassandra can be contacted at The information presented on this site is offered as-is. The author and publisher of this article disclaims any responsibility and liability for loss or damage that may result from using the information from this article.