MFR: The Upper Body

Myofascial Release is a powerful modality for eliminating pain and restoring function and Foundations Seminars draw strongly Walt Fritz’s background as a physical therapist, as well as a myofascial release practitioner.  Foundations in Myofascial Release Seminars delve deeply into the evaluation of pain and movement dysfunction through the lens of neuroscience. Walt’s strengths lie in his ability to effectively connect his students with the “Feel” of soft tissue restriction and its elimination. Using a gentle approach, he eliminates the need for aggressive work, which is hard on both the patient as well as the therapist. He has taken the work he was taught and moved in a direction of logic and simplicity, without the heavy trappings of New Age teachings. Sydney 11-12 August 2019.

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This two day, highly interactive class will provide the therapist a solid grounding in the use of myofascial release (MFR) and other neurologically-based manual therapies for the treatment pain and movement disorders. The evidence and science will be reviewed, as well as the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system, the fascia, and corresponding muscle groups it supports. The concepts behind myofascial release will be deconstructed to examine its plausibility and a new, more comprehensive model will be explored. I no longer believe it possible to target only one tissue, to the exclusion of all others, under the skin and my approach and teachings of myofascial release have progressed accordingly. The majority of the course will be spent on supervised hands-on practice to develop comfort and expertise in performing these techniques as we work through the thorax and cervical regions. Key techniques and concepts bear repeating, and you will have adequate time to develop a comfort level working from a manual therapy perspective, no matter your background and training/experience.

I treat and teach from a perspective that emphasizes a patient-directed model of evaluation and treatment and make this a key aspect of the work I present to you. Appropriate patient selection will be reviewed and comparison will be made between various techniques to achieve optimal results for each patient, based on his or her presenting symptoms. The addition of myofascial release to an existing clinical skill set will allow the therapy professional to provide intervention to patients with issues that were previously not addressable. The participant will leave this course prepared to utilize myofascial release on his or her first day back to clinic.

For therapists with a background in myofascial release, and similar manual therapies, Walt’s approach will provide a fresh and modern perspective on the effects of manual care. For therapists not yet exposed to myofascial release, they will find effective manual care presented from a simple to understand perspective. With the goal of improving outcomes, Walt’s well-developed Feedback Loop is useful for all forms of intervention. While not following traditional views of fascial work, Walt’s version of MFR has support from very plausible scientific narratives.

Course Description

This foundational course presents an in-depth introduction to a neurologically-based model of myofascial release. Why is it called myofascial release if it stresses a neurological model of change? To Walt, MFR is what he has done with his hands for 25 years, no matter how it is explained. While he no longer feels that so-called fascial changes are primarily responsible for changes in pain and function, the hands-on narrative remain appropriate.

Once a common language of touch and targets for that touch are established, Walt will work his way throughout the thoracic and cervical regions, introducing novels ways to interact with your patient’s nervous system. While a two-day class cannot be considered comprehensive, armed with useful concepts of neurological engagement, the therapist can apply them in any fashion throughout the body. Sufficient time will be given to allowing in-depth hands-on practice, under Walt’s close supervision.

  • Integrates a model of evaluation and treatment that is patient-directed, vs. ego-driven
  • Easy to learn evaluation and treatment methods using a simple Feedback Loop
  • The Feedback Loop is applicable to all of your other modalities, including MFR from other teachers
  • Teaches a core understanding of the scientific underpinnings of myofascial release from a neurological perspective
  • Learn the strengths and limitations of postural evaluation, ROM limitations, and other common evaluation methods
  • Covers the evaluation and treatment of the Upper Body from the respiratory diaphragm region up through the neck, thoracic region, head, shoulders, arms, and hands in a comprehensive manner
  • Includes treatment concepts for problems of respiration/breath, pain, movement limitations, TMJ difficulties, beginning concepts of swallowing/voice, and common neck/shoulder/arm/hand pathologies
  • Leave this class prepared to be proficient with myofascial release from your first day back to work
  • Appropriate for beginners and advanced therapist

Intended Audience

This class is appropriate for physiotherapists/physical therapists, massage therapists, occupational therapists, and other health professionals with an interest in manual care.

About the Instructor

Walt Fritz PT is a physical therapist with a private practice in Rochester, NY USA and head of the Foundations in Myofascial Release Seminar™ Series. He received his physical therapy degree from the State University of New York-Buffalo. He has presented workshops internationally to health professionals since 1995. He has taken the traditional narrative associated with myofascial release and updated it to reflect more widely accepted beliefs and understanding about the body and pain and relies on concepts of pain science, rather than folklore. Walt has taught his version of MFR with a sense of humor and humility throughout the USA, Canada, the U.K., Jamaica, and now Australia.

Wow what an amazing Foundations of Myofascial Release course ran by Walt Fritz. Walt was an amazing instructor, knowledgeable, approachable and very helpful and Marion was a brilliant aide to help us achieve our learning goals. The course was well presented and there was a great amount of time learning our new practical skills. Walt and Marion both made sure that we got the MFR technique and understood how to apply it to practical situations. And how to implement into our own clinics. Since Ive been back in my clinic I have been able to apply my new skills and have had positive outcomes for my clients. I would highly recommend Walt’s course. Looking forward to his return to learn the lower body.” Lisa T, Neck & Thorax workshop Sydney 2018.


Date & Location

11-12 August 2019

Location: Loft and Earth, 70 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction NSW 2022, (https://goo.gl/maps/9zCXW8zMoak)   9AM-5PM



Terms and Conditions

  • Workshop sizes are limited and reservations will be accepted in the order in which they are received.


  • Refund with $50 admin fee, if cancellation is notified at least 6 weeks before the workshop
  • 50% Refund if cancellation is notified 3 weeks or later before the workshop
  • Non-refundable if cancellation is notified 2 weeks (or later) before the workshop
  • Full refund if we, for any reason, cancel a workshop.


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