Fascial Manipulation Poster

A 2 set of Fascial Manipulation posters created by Luigi Stecco: Centres of Coordination & Centres of Fusion.

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The is is a 2 set of Fascial Manipulation poster created by Luigi Stecco.

The first poster shows Centers of Coordination of fascia.Centers of Coordination (CC) are points in deep fascia where forces converge, they are responsible for the normal function of related monoarticular and biarticular muscles. Treatment of the CC in the myofascial unit will allow normal movement of the related joint and eliminate the pain.

The second poster shows Centers of Fusion. Centres of Fusion (CF) are small areas of deep fascia, which can monitor movements in intermediate directions between two planes and movements of adjacent segments in different directions. CFs are located principally over retinacula and around joints.

Printed in Australia on high-quality Laminated Glossy paper, Each Size: 66 cm x 37 cm

Note this poster is only available for Australian Customers.

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