Advanced Myofascial Techniques: TMJ and Jaw Issues (Online)

This programme shows the complete instructor demonstrations from the popular 1-day Advanced Myofascial Techniques: TMJ and Jaw Issues course. Includes supplemental techniques not shown in live courses.

Til Luchau presents Advanced Myofascial Techniques that will dramatically improve your ability to work with TMJ pain, TMD/TMJD, and related headaches; ear and sinus issues; and more. Note: intended for professionally trained manual therapists (e.g., physical therapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, occupational therapists, structural integration practitioners, chiropractors, etc) only.

Presented by Certified Advanced Rolfer Til Luchau, this program includes edited recordings of actual live trainings. Viewed along with the accompanying 40+ page, photo-rich note organizer, this is an information-packed, easy-to-follow way to learn new techniques.

US$49 (to buy) Stream at your convenience.

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