The Art & Practice of Stone Massage

Meade Steadman demonstrates how to incorporate hot and cold stones in full body massage, while explaining the physiological effects of thermal and cryo stone therapy, which include stimulating circulation, relaxing musculature, and reducing inflammation.

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In this award-winning DVD, let Meade Steadman, LMT guide you through the relaxing and invigorating world of stone massage. Before the journey begins, Meade builds your foundation by briefly recounting the history of stone massage. Along the way, he explains the healing power of stones, such as thermotherapy and vasodilation, and shows step-by-step how to perform a hot and cold stone massage for the entire face and body. As part of the instruction and with the comfort of the client in mind, Meade demonstrates how to drape your client, how to use different stone edges, how to glide the stones across your client, and how to use compression. He then takes you through stone layout, chakra-stone and cozy stone placement, tapping the stones, heating and cooling the stones, and regulating stone temperature. In addition to this guidance, Meade unfolds the mystery of incorporating stone massage with popular Swedish massage techniques. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime journey!


  • 2006 Telly Award
  • 2006 Summit Award
  • 2005 Davey Award
  • Received 10 out of 10 rating in Massage Today Magazine.
  • Featured in Spa Management, Feb. 2006
  • Showcased in Skin Inc. Dec. 2005.


DVD Contents
In this 1 hour and 44 mins. DVD, step by step instructions are given for:

  • History
  • Grounding
  • Preparation
  • Selecting good stones
  • Techniques
  • Charging the stones
  • Tapping the stones
  • Regulating stone temperatures
  • Equipments needed for a hot or cold stone massage
  • Chakras and stone placement
  • Draping
  • Legs
  • Hands & Arms
  • Chest & Abdomen
  • Head & Neck
  • The Back
  • Contraindications
  • Cleaning the stones
  • Preparation for your next client
  • Getting started in Business & Marketing
  • Cold Stone Massage

Massage Today By Virginia Herring, LMT
In The Art and Practice of Stone Massage, Meade covers the techniques he finds helpful in using the different stones; the equipments needed for a hot or cold stone massage; finding good stones; cleaning the stones; charging the stones; chakras; draping; different options with the stones; benefits of hot and cold stone massage; contraindications; and preparation for your next client. He sets a nice pace as he describes these important aspects of stone massage. It’s very helpful for the viewer.
As I mentioned, Meade demonstrates a full body massage using the hot stones. This is a great refresher for anyone who has taken a stone massage class. Taking his time and explaining everything he does, helps refresh your mind as to the techniques. The camerawork is excellent. You can always see exactly what Meade is doing. When he finishes with the hot stone massage, he then demonstrates a cold stone massage. Once again, he does an excellent job in covering what you need to know in giving a cold stone massage. You can tell the difference between the two massages just by watching, but if you fail to notice, he explains that during the cold stone massage he works at a faster pace.
Meade takes the time to point out everything you need to know in giving either a hot or cold massage. He also demonstrates using the two different temperatures of stones together which would make an interesting massage.
I found the information he gave us concerning the stone massage from the selection to the cleaning and the different suggestions on giving a hot or cold massage included some information that was not taught in my stone massage class. This is a good introduction and lesson on stone massage. For anyone who likes to have a collection of recordings of the type of massage they do, I believe that those working with stone massage will be very happy with this DVD. Rating: 10 out of 10

About The Instructor
Meade Steadman is a licensed massage therapist and instructor for the Myotherapy College of Utah and the Myotherapy Institute of Massage. The courses he teaches include Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Hydrotherapy, Spa Specialties, and Tai Chi. Meade also works at a day spa in Salt Lake City, Utah. Meade is the featured expert in the award-winning The Ultimate Face, Scalp, Neck & Shoulder Massage.
Every serious student of massage therapy should see all of Meade Steadman’s DVDs. Virginia Chang – President Brooklyn Institute of Massage Therapy ( New York )

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