Proprioception and Body Mechanics  

This course is designed to increase body awareness for you and your clients. The information contained can easily be integrated into your therapeutic practice with immediate effect.. Sydney: 8 May  2020.

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“Your Left, No Your Other Left”

This course is designed to increase body awareness for you and your clients. The information contained can easily be integrated into your therapeutic practice with immediate effect.

As I travel around the world teaching, it has become increasingly apparent to me that there is a huge need for us to understand and apply proprioception and body mechanics in both our therapy practices and everyday lives.

Your state-of-mind is intrinsically connected to your physiology. In fact, the two are so closely intertwined that even slight changes in one can lead to significant changes in the other.

Our five senses — sight, taste, hearing, touch and smell — advise us about our outside environment, but our sixth sense, proprioception, provides us with the status of the body itself. And yet we are not born with this sense “turned on” — proprioception has to be learned. And, of course, anything we learn can be incorrectly taught or insufficiently absorbed.

Body mechanics refers to the way we move during our everyday activities. We all know that proper body mechanics are necessary to prevent or correct physical injuries. They are also extremely important for opening up healthy channels of communication with our clients.

What you will learn in this course:

The basics of proprioception
Conscious & unconscious proprioception
The effects of proprioception on the body
Proprioception exercises
Proprioception as therapy
Proper body mechanics for your therapeutic practice and your daily activities
How to use your body correctly during patient treatments
Body mechanics exercises
How to correct your poor posture & that of your clients
How to recognize and correct body compensation for imbalances
Proper client communication strategies

Location & Time

8 May 2020. 9am to 6 pm .

Location: TBA


AMT (70 CEUs), ATMS (14 CPE Points)



Personal experience is essential to understanding the effectiveness of this technique — be prepared to give as well as receive a treatment.


Instructor massage therapist, with her own private practice on Long Island, NY. Marjorie Brook is an internationally-recognized bodyworker and pioneer in the field of Scar Tissue Relesae. Marjorie travels globally offering seminars and lectures on the STRAIT (Scar Tissue Release And Integrated Therapies) Method, an innovative and ground breaking therapy that works with the body, not against it.  It is her mission to bring awareness to the public about the damaging effect of scar tissue and adhesions.

My long-term vision was to fundamentally transform the way in which therapists practice bodywork. I yearned to enhance the lives of patients by demonstrating how to effectively diminish pain. I knew that the lives of those with a limited range of motion — resulting from poor posture, injury, scarring, and medical disorders — could be enriched with a combination of massage therapy, scar tissue release techniques, integrated therapeutic stretching and proper body mechanics.” Marjorie’s seminars have received glowing reviews from attendees of all experience levels. Her articles have been featured in Massage Today (USA), Massage World (UK) and American Fitness Magazine. Scar tissue is one of the most common, yet perplexing issues faced by massage therapists and other healing professionals. While several methods may work around the problem, Marjorie Brook will show you how to clear scar tissue with instant results.

“My passion for teaching is most often rewarded when the potential impact of my techniques hits home — I’ve witnessed many “Ah ha” moments as students realise the positive implications for their patients and themselves.”


As a physiotherapist and practitioner in KMI structural Integration l have followed the course with Marjorie Brook about Scar Tissue releases (STRAIT METHOD). In my daily practice it is evident having knowledge about scar tissues and skills how to treat them. Understanding the influences of scars on posture and movement is important not to forget to mention the influences scars may have on the psyche. The course given by Marjorie Brook is helpful to that. Bringing you knowledge, giving you tools to treat, all in her enthusiastic way of presentation.  ” ‎Harry Hoogenbosch‎, KMI  Amsterdam, NL 


Terms and Conditions

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  • NOTE: Please do not pay for flights and hotel, only confirm 4 weeks prior workshop.


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