Fascial Fitness Foundation Course


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Fascial Fitness is a new approach for fostering a remodeling of more resilient (stronger & more elastic) collagen tissue network through adequately tailed exercises. Join Divo Muller for this new dynamic workshop.  13-14 January 2020

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Fascial Fitness leaves behind the idea of isolated muscles and moves towards integration. Muscles work in chains to execute movements, and work just as much as fascial tensioning systems as movers of levers and hinges. Research has shown us that training the fascial system van improve performance and prevent injury. A well trained and well integrated fascial net optimizes peak forces as well as the coordination of detailed movements. It’s not the joint receptors giving information about how the body behaves kinesthetically, but the many receptors located in the fascia. That means, not the skin is our biggest sensory organ, but fascia. With fascial training you can push your limits of performance.

Course Description

This course is taught by Divo Muller, one of the developers of Fascial Fitness. In this course we will cover the role of fascia in stretching, injury, recovery, and training. The focus will be on fascial plasticity, hydration, histological response as well as training technieques and principles which will affect the power, rebound elasticity, and coordination of the fascial system.


  • Key items of the course:
  • How to apply fascial stretch
  • Rebound Elasticity
  • How to use the Fascial Recoil effect
  • Fascial Release by means of exercise
  • Fluid Refinement

Target Group

The Fascial Fitness course contains exercises and practical solutions based on the latest research on how you can train your clients in the best possible way. Fascial Fitness is suitable for a wide audience: Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Exercise- and Occupational Therapists, Personal Trainers, Pilates and Yoga Teachers.

Fascial Fitness Intro

The workshop consists of theory and practice addressing all aspects of Fascial Fitness, including:

1. Elastic Rebound
• Storage capacity and the catapult effect
• Pretension and preparatory counter movement
• Fascial components: soft elastic and dynamic bounces

2 Myofascial stretches
• Force transmission, tensegrity model, myofascial trains
• Long chain versus short chain
• Melting stretches and power stretches

3 Release and Hydration
• Fascia & extracellular matrix, viscoelasticity of the tissues
• Indications: rehydration intervals, change of impact and rest
• Connective tissue and water: adaptability and fluid dynamics

4 Fascia as a sensory organ
• Sensory receptors in fascia
• Proprioception: pleasure versus pain
• Micromovements: developing elegance
• Somatic mindfulness

5 Cellular Remodeling
• Indications: intensity & frequency
• Matrix Remodeling: changes and long term effects
• Metabolic and biochemical factors

Date: 13-14 January 2020. 9 am—5 pm every day

Location: Sydney, Venue:  TBA

Instructor: Divo Muller


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