Pre-Pilates and Beginner Pilates

This video is a guide to the basic and preliminary exercises of the traditional Pilates Method of body conditioning by Simona Cipriani. It is an excellent wellness program for anyone who needs guidance and motivation beginning an exercise program or anyone who wants an alternative to a gym setting. This DVD is also an excellent way for Pilates Instructors to be able to describe and explain in detail Pilates exercises for clients who need extra guidance.


Begin Pilates and discover the genius of Joseph Pilates.

Begin Pilates and discover the genius of Joseph H. Pilates!
This 2-DVD video set is a guide to the Preliminary and Beginner exercises of the Traditional Pilates Method of body conditioning, and contains three levels of instruction. Both Mat and Small Apparatus exercises are demonstrated and described.

DVD 1, the Pre-Pilates DVD, is meant for people who have never taken Pilates before, are deconditioned, rehabilitating after an injury or pathology, and/or senior citizens. In this first level of instruction (Level I), each exercise is presented slowly and explained clearly. Modifications for each exercise are also given to allow you to gently and safely begin the Pilates Method.

DVD 2, the Beginner Pilates DVD, is structured in two successive levels. The Beginner level (Level II) clearly explains each exercise and includes minor modifications to allow you to transition toward the final level (Level Ill), which brings all the beginner exercises together for a graceful and fluid performance of the Pilates Method.

This 2-DVD set is meant for: – anyone who has never done Pilates before and desires a gentle transition into the Pilates Method – anyone with experience but still considers himself/herself to be at the beginner level – anyone wanting a strong foundation in the fundamentals of the Pilates Method – Pilates instructors who desire the knowledge to describe and explain in detail Pilates exercises for clients who need guidance.

Running time: 2 hour and 24 mins


About the Author

Simona Cipriani is a Teacher/Trainer with the USPA, and a Certified Instructor of the Authentic Pilates Method for more than 18 years. Ms. Cipriani studied extensively with Romana Kryzanowska at Drago’s Gym in New York City, where she taught by Romana’s side for many years. A former dancer for more than thirty-five years, Ms. Cipriani started performing professionally at the age of fourteen in Italy, and continued to dance throughout Europe and the United States. Ms. Cipriani has worked with many dancers, athletes and movie actors such as Glenn Close, and others in the Westchester and Connecticut area for the past 18 years.

She is a licensed massage therapist in Connecticut and New York State. Ms. Cipriani was a member of the massage therapy team at the Olympics in the Athens Summer Games in 2004, and the Torino Winter Games in 2006. Ms. Cipriani has been a Feldenkrais practitioner since 2009. She is also aligned with other Authentic/Classical and traditional Pilates studio and certification programs.

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