The Posture Plus DVD series

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The Posture Plus™ DVD series comprises five DVDs. It is a synthesis of a wide variety of movement programs including Stretch Therapy, Pilates floor method, and strength training.

Posture Plus™ DVD Series includes:

  • Posture Essentials- be aligned
  • Daily Eight- be flexible
  • Mobility Sequence- be mobile
  • Chair Daily Eight- be flexible @ work
  • Basic Strength- be strong

The Posture Plus™ DVDs were produced to be visually directive to enhance the how and why of each exercise. This five part series has been compiled as an educational product rather than a series of workout DVDs, which makes them a great resource for those new to movement wishing to enter regular exercise.

DVD 1: Posture Essentials gives you the what, how and why for self-corrective posture training. Posture Essentials includes six easy steps to align your posture daily; outlines how to activate and control your pelvic floor; and teaches deep and directed breathing to release shoulder and neck tension. Duration:22 min

DVD 2: Daily Eight is a sequence of daily movements for the body. The daily eight prepares the body for the day ahead, and releases and opens the body to unwind from the day’s work and stress. Duration:30 min

DVD 3: Mobility Sequence shows you how to gently coax your body to move in new ways. The goal is to create a supple, mobile body that moves fluidly and promotes the release of energy reserves to the end of each day. By practicing the mobility sequence, you will learn how to increase movement in the hips shoulders and spine. Duration:20 min

DVD 4: Chair Daily Eight makes the Daily Eight accessible if you cannot get onto the floor. The chair Daily Eight is ideal for office workers and/ or the elderly. It is also a great introduction to movement, or a gentle way to ease your body back into an activity if you are recovering from injury. Duration:19 min

DVD 5: Body Weight Sequence takes you through essential basic strength exercises for total body control, initiating a foundation for great posture and dynamic strength challenges. The bodyweight sequence includes: pushups (half and full versions), squats, floor version of dips, lunges and basic abdominal sequence for you to build strength without needing equipment. Your body is the resistance and floor space is all you need. Duration:17 min

Posture Plus™ also had influences from rehab sources; specifically Dr Paul Connelly’s advanced musculoskeletal training. Dr Connelly’s teachings include re-patterning exercises from the work of rehab specialist Dr Vladamir Janda. Monica Linford’s Chiball™ method has been adapted into Donna’s work to promote relaxation and release techniques. Innovative equipment-free strength training through Donna’s personal fitness training and martial arts practice completes the blend that forms Posture Plus™.

About The Instructor
Donna Eddy is an acupuncturist, massage therapist and movement specialist. She is also certified in Pilates, fitness instructing and workplace training.
Donna developed Posture Plus® program which emerged from her clinical work, ongoing personal therapy, and her devotion to reduce their aches and pains, whilst increasing wellbeing for her personal training clients. It appeared to her that many of her regular fitness training clients were potential future patients as they had many problems with pain, dysfunctional movement and activity necessitating a different approach. Donna wanted to give her clients a life choice, a system that enabled exercise and movement to become integral to everyday life.
Donna is highly sought as a speaker and facilitator at many wellness seminars and fitness conferences, for both movement and therapeutic aspects to living pain free.

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