Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy – Low Back and Pelvis

Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) covers the major clinical orthopedic assessment and treatment techniques for the low back & pelvis. This course is a 2-day hands-on workshop. 29-30 May 2020 in Sydney.

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Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) for the Low Back and Pelvis covers the major clinical orthopedic assessment and treatment techniques for the lumbosacral region. This course is a 2-day hands-on workshop.

Day one begins with orthopedic assessment for the common neuromusculoskeletal conditions of the sacroiliac joint and lumbar spine. We then cover body mechanics for deep pressure for working the lower back in prone and side-lying positions. With proper body mechanics, you will learn how the low back can be worked deeply with little effort. We also learn how to palpate and safely and effectively work the psoas major, both abdominal and femoral bellies, in multiple positions. We then discuss fundamental concepts of stretching, beginning with basic stretching for the functional muscle groups of the lower back and then learning how to target each specific muscle with multiplane stretching.
Day two covers more advanced stretching. We begin with advanced neural inhibition stretching techniques, including Contract Relax (PNF/PIR), Agonist Contract (the basis for AIS), and Contract Relax Agonist Contract stretching techniques. We also cover pin and stretch technique. Day two concludes with Arthrofascial Stretching (AFS): Soft Tissue Joint Mobilization for Manual Therapists (including traction) for the lumbosacral spine. AFS is the only effective means of stretching the intrinsic fascia of specific hypomobilities of the lumbosacral spine.

Clinical treatment strategy as well as precautions and contraindications are also covered. These manual therapy skills will empower you to do effective clinical orthopedic work. Throughout this hands-on workshop, Dr. Joe Muscolino reinforces the underlying mechanisms for each of the assessment and treatment techniques, encouraging critical reasoning skills.

Date & Location

Sydney, 29-30 May 2020, 9am to 6pm every day

AMT, ATMS, MAA accredited CPE/CEU

Venue: TBA


Regular $595, Early-Bird $545


About Joe

Dr. Joe Muscolino is a licensed chiropractic physician and has been a massage therapy educator for more than 25 years, with extensive experience in teaching kinesiology and musculoskeletal assessment and technique classes. Dr. Muscolino has authored 8 major publications with Mosby of Elsevier Science, including the best-selling The Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual , Kinesiology, and The Muscular System Manual.


“Joe Muscolino is a master of his profession! His broad knowledge on the human body and extensive experience made the workshops interesting and engaging. The topics were delivered with enthusiasm and great clarity. His instructions were easy to follow and understand and he always had time to check on everyone’s hands-on work. Joe is definitely one of the most genuine teachers I’ve come across. I would highly recommend his workshops to any body-worker. I, myself, can’t wait for the next one!” Zuzana G.,  Sydney.

“After having read one of Joe’s books, I was encouraged to attend his workshops for deep tissue massage, stretching and joint mobilisation for the neck and low back & pelvis. I had been trying to find a workshop like this to update and add to my skills for some time. Joe’s teaching method is methodical, full of valuable information, with hands on training and teaching. Bad postural and massage habits I had developed were corrected making my massage techniques more effective with less effort. There was a very friendly and open atmosphere, and Joe was open to seeing the students techniques as well. The education was invaluable and worth every cent. I would highly recommend Joe’s workshops to anyone wanting to improve and add more to their skills. I look forward to future workshops.” Lauren S., Balmain, NSW.

“I was impressed with the workshops for a number of reasons – firstly, each point was clear, easy to understand and well supported with factual reason. Secondly, it was very hands-on so that each point was reinforced immediately with Joe getting to each table to fine-tune or compliment. Finally, Joe’s persona was engaging, friendly and thoroughly authoritative. I learnt a number of new treatment techniques and looked at ones I have used for some time from a different angle. All well worthwhile.” Julian W., Melbourne.

Terms and Conditions

  • Workshop sizes are limited and reservations will be accepted in the order in which they are received.
  • NOTE: Please do not pay for flights and hotel, only confirm 4 weeks prior workshop.


  • Refund with $100 admin fee, if cancellation is notified at least 6 weeks before the workshop
  • 50% Refund if cancellation is notified 3 weeks before the workshop
  • Non-refundable if cancellation is notified 2 weeks (or later) before the workshop
  • Full refund if we, for any reason, cancel a workshop.