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The Fascial Web Poster A

This is the first ever poster of Fascia, Fascia Man will be a perfect decoration for your clinic.

$32.95 $39.95

For decades doctors and clinicians have had posters and charts to illustrate the systems of the body in way their patients can understand. To do this for the fascial net seemed like an impossible task – until now. Over 2 years in development by Robert Schleip, this the first ever set of fascia posters. They are a must for your clinic and office, beautifully conveying without words the unity of the fascial web. More than just another anatomical chart, they are also fine art suited as a decoration.

This poster shows a full size fascia man in dynamic motion with the emphasis on fascia rather than muscle. Against a background of connective tissue  “warp and weft” a tensegrity structure floats on the left.

Size : 59.4×84.1 centimeters or 23.4×33.1 inches

Printed on high-quality UV protected photo papers.

This poster will be a perfect decoration for your clinic. This Poster will be posted in a mailing tube to ensure that you will get it in a pristine condition.