Direct Release Myofascial Technique

Watch over Michael Stanborough’s shoulder as he demonstrate, technique by technique, of Direct release myofascial treatment. These are no ordinary training videos. Michael went to extreme measures to assure the quality and content was top-notch in every respect, that they are as user-friendly as one could make them.

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Put the tissue where it should be and then ask for movement.” (Rolf)

Direct method of Myofascial Release (MFR) was originally developed by Dr. Ida Rolf, the creator of Rolfing®, and now Michael Stanborough makes it accessible to all groups of therapists: massage, physio and occupational therapists, osteopaths and chiropractors. Michael brings the techniques of Myofascial Release into this series of educational DVDs, to assist you in expanding your skills as a professional body-worker.

This DVD series focuses on the techniques, each technique emphasises the most basic elements of relevant information for the client, for the therapist, for the actual performance of the technique, and to methods of incorporating client movement. The commentaries are informative, thoughtful, and practical. It is designed for intermediate-advanced body-workers having basic Myofascial Release training.

This series contains abundant of techniques described in detail, so that with time, practice, and experience, you can master direct MFR.

Key Features:

– Detail Myofascial release techniques
– Myofascial relation of skeletal landmarks
– Movement cues
– Imagery for release
– Pediatric supplement on each DVD

The set contains 8 DVDs covering:
The Lower Extremities
The Thigh
The Pelvis
The Cervical Region
The Trunk – Posterior
The Trunk – Lateral/Anterior
Intra Oral, Head and Face
The Upper Extremities