Body Mechanics for Manual Therapy: Neck & Back Treatment

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When performing massage, understanding how to employ good body mechanics is wise. Massage and manual therapies are physically intense and the use of proper mechanics allows the therapist to work more efficiently, and therefore expend less effort. Much of the success as a manual therapist, depends on the quality of your body mechanics!

Learn proper body mechanics for working the neck and back. Body mechanics are demonstrated and explained fro deep pressure soft tissue manipulation, stretching and joint mobilization techniques.

Dr. Joe Muscolino will show you how to work from your core, so you work smarter instead of harder.

Dr. Joe Muscolino is a chiropractor in private practice and has been a massage therapy educator for 25 years. He explains and teaches these techniques simply, clearly, and thoroughly! This DVD is a must for all manual therapists: massage therapists, structural integration practitioners, physical and occupational therapists, chiropractic and osteopathic physicians.

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