Fascia in Sport and Movement

The book covers most current research and theory to underpin practice. It provides relevant clinical applications for sport and movement, and gives the manual therapist information on how different activities influence the body and the kind of injuries that might occur. The book upgrades the knowledge of the sport professional, yoga teacher and Pilates trainer with the necessary background to understand the injuries that might present and how to assess and refer. Now in Stock!

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Fascia in Sport and Movement, edited by Dr. Ropbert Schleip, provides sports coaches, movement teachers and manual therapists with the latest research on fascia and shows how an understanding of fascia’s structure and function should inform clinical practice. This book will enhance the knowledge of the manual therapist, sports professional, yoga teacher and Pilates instructor and improve their understanding and management of soft tissue injuries.

Compiled and edited by Robert Schleip, one of the foremost researchers in the field of fascia for sport and movement, it gives the manual therapist information on how different activities influence the body’s soft tissue matrix and the kind of injuries that might occur.
Contributors constitute a veritable who’s who of experts, who provide a distillation of the latest research and its practical applications. Fascia in Sport and Movement provides professionals with the most up to date information they need for success and is essential reading for all bodywork professionals, sports coaches, fitness trainers, yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, dance teachers and manual therapists