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architectureTake a voyage of discovery around the fascia…

This ground-breaking book with accompanying DVD and website presents the innovative work of Dr Jean Claude Guimberteau in the emerging field of living anatomy. In Architecture of Human Living Fascia, Dr Guimberteau challenges the traditional anatomical view of layered tissue organisation and provides evidence for his concept of the global nature and continuity of living tissue. This stunning and significant work is destined to become essential reading and viewing for teachers and therapists across the full range of manual therapy and bodywork. It will also be of huge interest to medical professionals and anatomists. Click here for full details of this remarkable work.


An authoritative and highly practical resource for massage therapists

Massage Fusion: The Jing method for the treatment of chronic pain byRachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari of Jing Advanced Massage Training present a compendium of the philosophy, techniques and approaches that get results with clients and enable the massage therapist to build and maintain a successful practice. A highly practical resource with pictures, photocopiable materials and interactive exercises for addressing common problems faced by massage therapists, Massage Fusion answers questions such as: Which techniques work best for pain? How do I put them together to get results with clients? How do I make a living out of this profession that I love?
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Fascia book cover

The Original Body: Primal Movement for Yoga Teachers

John Stirk has been a yoga teacher for 40 years. In The Original Bodyhe invites the reader to delve deeply into their ‘body-mind’ and suggests that ‘depth work’ underpins all styles of yoga and movement. The book introduces a primal movement experience, explains the rationale behind it, and shows how bringing our original body to the foreground of awareness provides a powerful approach to personal growth and can be used as a springboard from which all practice and teaching can proceed.

Fascia book cover

Harnessing the potency of the practitioner-patient relationship to improve clinical outcomes

This well constructed, evidence-based book examines the non-manual components of manual therapy and shows how to employ them to aid the improvement of clinical outcomes for their patients by augmenting their own healing systems. In The Placebo Effect in Manual Therapy Brian Fulton uses his broad experience as a Registered Massage Therapist and columnist on a wide range of health related topic to educate health practitioners in becoming more aware of the innate healing mechanisms inside of their patients and in understanding the subtleties and importance of the practitioner- patient relationship as a factor in treatment outcomes.Visit the website for full details.