Joe Muscolino, Testimonial

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“I attended Joe Muscolino’s course on Joint mobilization and stretching of the Thoracic Spine and Rib cage, and Arthrofascial Stretching in Sydney 2015. It has definitely been two of the best courses I have done.
Joe has an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience and his courses are fun and interesting to attend. He makes things simple, clear and easy to understand and he takes a genuine interest in us (the students). Most of the courses I have attended usually show you a new way to massage but not the why, Joe, on the other hand, teaches us to look for the why and then shows us how to incorporate massage, joint mobilization and arthofascial stretching to help benefit the client. He is prepared to help on an individual or group level and he is very approachable with showing and re-showing techniques until we are successful at it. He is full of encouraging comments and praise and he is prepared to take the time to answer any and all questions. The course has valuable information wrapped up with practical components and is highly engaging from start to finish. I just wish he could stay longer and teach us more.
I would highly recommend any of his courses, books or DVDs to all Massage Therapists as I have already booked into next years course and can’t await his return to learn about the neck and lower body. ” – Lisa T, Newcastle
“Joe’s course was exceptionally good. He is an excellent presenter with superior knowledge. More so, he has a great ability to instruct simply and then, with infinite patience, correct and reaffirm those techniques to participants on the course. I felt honoured to be under his instruction and look forward to learning more from him next time he returns to Australia.” – Linda C, PT and Massage Therapist