When will I receive my order?
Order is usually will be posted the same or next business day from the time order is placed.
If you do not receive your order more than a week after you have placed your order, please contact/ email us urgently. Order outside Australia may take more than 10 days to arrive.


Do I need a paypal account to purchase?

No, you don’t need a paypal account. When “checking-out” simply click the option “Pay with a credit or debit card”. Fill in your details and simply make your payment without the need to create a paypal account.


Can I pay via bank transfer or cheque?

Yes, you can pay via Bank Deposit or Transfer, or by check or money order, please contact us us for details.


Are the DVDs and books in stock?

Most DVDs and books generally in stock (unless indicated), and ready to be delivered.


Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship all around the world via airmail. Due to higher shipping fee to overseas, extra postage fee will be charged. For overseas customers, that the default postage fee only applies for DVDs, for books additional postage fee may be required. We ship all over the world, please email us if your country is not listed in our payment system.


Can I exchange the DVD I purchased?
Due to copyright, we do not exchange or refund DVDs, except product defect from the manufacturer (exchange accepted within 14 days of purchase). It is the same when you purchased a DVD movie from a shop, you can’t return or exchange it if you don’t like it.


What regions are the DVDs?

All DVDs are region free. Most DVDs are formatted in NTSC, region free and can be played on most Australian DVD players & computers. Most players (and TV) in Australia are multi-format and can play NTSC system.
Australian-produced DVDs (as indicated) are formatted in PAL. PAL is a video-TV system that is used in Australia, NZ, UK, Asia, and many countries outside US. Some DVD players in the US & Canada may not be able to play PAL system, but it can be played on most computers & Laptops.


How many CPE/CEU points can I earn from DVDs or books?

Members of professional massage associations in Australia can earn CPE/CEU points learning from DVDs and books from our site. Please check with your association with the latest policy.

  • Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS): 3 CPE points for each DVD and 3 CPE points for each book (Proof of purchase plus a short review).
  • Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT): 5 CPE points for each DVD and book, write in your CPE Diary and send through to AAMT Office once a year (max 3 items per year)
  • Association of Massage Therapists (AMT): Required to write a summary of a purchased book or DVD, minimum 700 words. 10 CEU per book/DVD
  • Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA): One CPE point per hour of activity (DVD hour viewing).
  • Massage Australia: Accredited members can earn CPE points from our DVDs.
  • Massage Association Australia: Accredited members can earn CPE points from our DVDs.
  • S.T.A.A Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia: Perform a project or a case study based on the book or DVD purchased from our site, and then submit a report to STAA along with the amount of hours spent for CPE & D points consideration.
  • Holistic Health Association International (HHAI): 3 CPE points from our DVDs.
  • International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association (IAAMA): 3 CPE points from our DVDs.


Why buy from us?

  • Items purchased from our site can earn CPE points from major massage organizations in Australia.
  • While some of the products are available from international/ overseas sites, our prices are generally the same when considering the extra high overseas postage and import duty.
  • You get the assistance of a local contact for any queries and problems. DVDs and books that are defect will be exchanged.
  • This site is run by a massage therapist who knows the details of the technique and the kind of product you need.
  • We have a good reputation for service and quality.
  • We are passionate with massage, we don’t just sell DVDs, we provide lots of information.
  • We bring you only the best massage DVDs for bodyworkers in Australia. All of the DVDs have been reviewed first for their quality and information. Those that are found not to be of good quality will be removed from our list.
  • We only sell high quality educational massage technique videos. Most massage videos widely available on commercial shops are bulk-produced and only provides ‘scratches on the surface’ on the theory and practices. Although the price is higher than bulk-produced videos, you get much more from it than just simple stroke and relaxation technique.


Can I learn massage techniques from watching a video?
Yes, you can learn new techniques, although you cannot feel the sense of touch from watching DVD, the experience can be equivalent to a class/ workshop. You can gain new knowledge from renown instructor (from US and Australia). Although it is best to experience a class/ workshop, when you have limited budget, to travel to other towns (most of the time) the cost can escalate quickly. The best is to watch and practice it with a fellow therapist.

You learn the same technique from a reputable instructor at your living room, at your own time. It is a reference that can be consulted at any the time. Seeing the techniques performed live is the key, more than a just a book with pictures.
Remember that the information contained on the DVDs are not meant to take the place of diagnosis and treatment by a qualified medical practitioner.