CORE Sports &  Performance Bodywork

This 3-day seminar was taught by George P. Kousaleos, founder of the CORE Institute in Tallahassee, Florida. George has been an international leader in myofascial therapy, structural integration and sports & performance bodywork. He was the General Manager for the 1995-96 British Olympic Association Preparation Camp Sports Massage Team, and was the Co-Director of the Athens 2004 International Sports Massage Team. George also currently leads the CORE Sports Bodywork team that works with the Florida State University National Champion Football Team.
In this workshop George introduced myofascial therapy theories and techniques that are appropriate for each style of sport. The first day, George presented an introduction to the Myofascial system and how it relates to sport, general body reading techniques. He further introduced the primary concepts of the physical and psychological demands of training and performance for all athletes. A breakdown of somatotypes and their inherent strengths and challenges was used to discuss the development of bodywork protocols for the endurance, sprint, power, and multi-skilled athlete. George then demonstrated myofascial techniques for legs, pelvis, and back.
The second day of the seminar, George showed advanced strategies for developing protocols that are both sport-specific and performance-level based. Topics include: Techniques for working with intrinsic myofascial tissues of the axial and apendicular regions and strategies to balance tile autonomic nervous system. Advanced protocols for the arms, shoulders, chest, neck, and head. The final day focuses on the integration of the CORE myofascial techniques. In the afternoon, George organised elite athletes for us to work-on in a 90 minute session. The athletes include runner, surfer, marathon runner, swimmer, football player, and boxer.