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Thai Massage

Thai Massage by Richard Gold How It Started In Thailand, what is known in the Western world as Thai massage is known as Nuad Bo’Rarn. Nuad is a Thai word that translates as, “to touch with the intention of imparting healing.” Bo’Rarn is a word derived from ancient Sanskrit; it translates as, “something which is […]

Easy Assessment for Massage Therapist

Easy Assessment for Massage Therapist By Sean Riehl, LMT Only a small fraction of massage therapists use any assessment testing in their practice. Although most massage training includes some type of kinesiology and assessment tests, therapists quickly forget this information and rely only on their touch. Touch is powerful, and because of this, most therapists don’t find […]

Muscle Energy Techniques for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Muscle Energy Techniques for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome by Tom Ockler   I had an interesting patient come through my door today. She was a 41-year-old mother of two, referred to me by an acupuncturist who frequently uses me when she is stumped. The initial diagnosis was TOS (thoracic outlet syndrome) with symptoms worse on the right […]

An interview with Tom Ockler

Tom, can you briefly explain what is MET? What is the difference with stretching. MET stands for Muscle Energy Technique. It is an Os- teopathic-based method that does not use manipulation to correct asymmetry and hypo-mobilities in the body. Since it relies on the muscle  spindles, it actually has advantages over stretching because it is theorized to […]